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Elegant Monolith

Campbell, CA, USA

Marries bold marble accents with the warmth of wood. This design narrative unfolds through a series of spaces that express a modern yet timeless charm. The grandeur of marble walls in the living area sets a luxurious tone, complemented by the earthy vertical lines of wooden slats that segment the room with both definition and openness.

Throughout the house, a refined color scheme of greys, whites, and natural wood hues creates a cohesive visual flow, punctuated by the occasional dramatic art piece that adds a curated touch. Furniture selections favor clean, geometric lines, offering comfort without sacrificing style, as seen in the plush, modular seating and the sleek, round coffee table that anchors the living room.

In "Elegant Monolith," functionality meets artistry. The design ensures that each room, from the living spaces to private quarters, encapsulates a minimalist elegance while providing a canvas for individual expression. This home is a sanctuary for those who value understated luxury and a connection to contemporary design elements.

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